TEL: +43 1 278 33 64 46 Marksteinergasse 13 1210 Wien
ARRIVAL - Apartments Vienna City Flats

ARRIVAL – Apartments Vienna City Flats

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You get the keys on the day of your arrival directly at the apartment in Vienna. We need your arrival time in Vienna and – if possible – your cellphone number. We will wait for your in front of the apartment building.


There are many different ways to reach Vienna. We have precised the arrival instructions for the different apartments on subpages:

Apartments Grünangergasse, 1010 Vienna
Apartment Ballgasse, 1010 Vienna
Apartment Seilerstätte, 1010 Vienna
Appartement Praterstraße 78, 1020 Wien
Appartement Praterstraße 76, 1020 Wien
Appartement Rotensterngasse, 1020 Wien

Public Transport has its own rules in every town. We provide some basic rules, so you do not pay too much!

General information regarding Public Transport in Vienna

Information regarding taxis in Vienna (Aiport – Apartment)