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Hotel Vienna - Whats the best Hotel in Vienna?

Hotel Vienna – Whats the best Hotel in Vienna?

High Class Hotels in Vienna have a long tradition. At the beginning of the 20th Century all Vienna 5-star Hotels were located around Ringstraße. Until today most of the upper- and highclass Hotels are in the Inner City (old town), at Ringstraße or nearby (f.ex Hilton and Intercontinental at Stadtpark). Here a list of all 5 star Hotels in Vienna:

  • Grand Hotel Wien
    Vienna Coffee
  • Hilton Vienna Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel Ambassador
  • Hotel de France
  • Imperial Hotels Austria
  • Marriott Vienna
  • Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
  • Sacher Hotels
  • The Ring
  • Hilton Vienna Hotel
  • Intercontinental Wien
    Sightseeing: Stevens Cathedral

All hotels are in the first district (postcode 1010), except Hilton Vienna Hotel and Intercontinental Wien – both are in the third district (postcode 1030), but only a few minutes away from the city center. In these hotels you can find everything you need and everything you want – its all about the money.

Only a few 4-star hotels are located in the city center, most of them are a little outside in the districts two to nine. The prices in the historical city center are usually much higher than in other districts, so most hotels focus on celebrities, business men and women and upperclass people, where money is not important.

If you want to live in the inner city in Vienna for your City Break of for a long term stay a hotel in Vienna should not be your first choice. It is much cheaper to take an apartment – serviced or self-catering. The market for modern apartments at a reasonable price is booming over the last years and every year some new companies start their business.

You want to live in the inner city and money is not important – take a hotel in Vienna. If you come to Vienna for a long term stay or you want the best value for your money try an apartment f.ex. City Center Apartment 3 Gruenangergasse starting at 115 euro/night.