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Rent an apartment in Vienna for 300 euro/month

Rent an apartment in Vienna for 300 euro/month

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Vienna?

That depends on several criteria:

*) unfurnished apartment, renting time 1year+

This kind of apartment you will be searching for when you relocate to Vienna. The price depends on district the apartment is located in, the age of the building and the equipment of the apartment 

starts around 300 euro for small apartment

*) furnished apartment, renting time 1 year+

same as above; for the furniture usually an extra monthly fee has to be paid as part of the rent.

starts around 500 euro

*) furnished apartment, renting time 3 nights – 6 month

fully furnished apartments, usually everything to settle in is included (upper class kitchen, dished, potteries, pictures on the wall, etc); most of the time extra costs such as electricity, heating are included in the rate as well

starts around 800 euro

PS: Ausnahmsweise ein Artikel auf Englisch, da wir in letzter Zeit vermehrt Anfragen von Personen hatten, die zu utopisch günstigen Preisen ein Apartment für wenige Monate suchten.