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Arrival in Vienna / Hand over of Keys – How does that work?


10 days before your arrival you get a reminder-E-Mail. Please inform us early enough about ankunftszeityour arrival time in Vienna. We only drive for your key exchange from our office to the apartment! Our business hous for key exchange are between 2.30pm and 8.00 pm. Outside our business hours key exchanges are only possible at special agreement. In this case a special fee may be charged.

Arrival by car: Please tell us your estimated arrival time in Vienna; contact us by phone (+43 1 278 33 64 46) 2 hours before that arranged time to inform us if you will be on time; In case anreise_autoof a delay we will try our best to re-arrange the meeting at the apartment. Most of our apartments are within the short- term parking zone, that means from Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 10.00 pm (max parking duration 2 hours) you need to buy a parking ticket at a tobacco store or a machine at a subway station.As an alternative you can park your car at one of the park and ride stations, costs are €3 per day. Visit for further information.


Arrival by airplane: Please tell us the estimated arrival time of your plane, your flight number and how you will get to the apartment (taxi or public transport). Usually you can reach your anreise_flugzeugapartment within 90 Minutes after the landing; if you take a taxi it will be around 60 minutes from landing until arrival at your apartment.There are Airport taxis that offer a special fee if you book them at least 24 hours in advance, e.g. or you can call a regular taxi under the following numbers: 01/40100 or 01/31300.



Arrival by train: Depending on the train station and your apartment it usually takes around 30 minutes from the arrival of the train until your arrival at the apartment – please tell us the arrival time of your train and the train station.The online tool of Wiener Linien (Public transfer provider in Vienna) will help you plan the extact route from trainstations directly to your apartment.



DELAY: Time is money. If you can see in advance that you will be more than 20 minutes late,anreise_verspaetungplease give us a call (+43 1 278 33 64 46).Delays of 45 minutes or more may cause extra costs.




How do I get to my apartment?

The exact adress of your apartment can be found on the details page of your apartment on our website. There you will also find the next subway / tramway station.anreise_uebergabe

You can plan your route within Vienna on the website of Vienna Public Transportation.

If you click on the Google Maps link to your apartment you can enter your start point and plan the best route.



Apartment Boltzmanngasse

Apartment Boschstraße

Apartment Hainburgerstraße

Apartment Magdalenenstraße

Apartment Mariahilfergürtel

Apartment Marksteinergasse

Apartment Max Winter Platz

Apartment Ottakringerstraße

Apartment Praterstraße 76

Apartment Praterstraße 78

Apartment Rotensterngasse

Apartment Rueppgasse

Apartment Stammersdorf

What happens when I get my apartment?

Arrival: We wait at the arranged time in front of the building for you, show you the apartmanreise_bezahlungent including all necessary equipment such as washing machine, kitchen and internet access.

Of course we also hand over the keys. Together we check that the apartment is in a proper condition.

The remaining balance  has to be paid upon arrival (cash or with credit card)!

Without paying the balance the apartment cannot be handed over to you.